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About research uptake

Turning world-class research into positive policy change is central to the RISE programme.

Research teams will be engaging with their in-country policy makers and education communities in order to ensure the research objectives are well informed by the practical policy challenges of education reform.

We hope that lessons generated from RISE will be used to help concentrate resources and efforts to accelerate the rate of learning in developing countries. These same lessons will work towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4, "to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all." 

 All outputs from the research are considered as global public goods, accessible through this website and in accordance with DFID’s Open Access Policy (


Classroom in Ethiopia

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RISE in Ethiopia

A RISE Country Research Team will conduct a five-year research project in Ethiopia to examine whether and how a large package of national reforms works to improve learning equitably in one of the world’s poorest and most diverse countries.  More information....

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RISE in India

Governments in Madhya Pradesh and Delhi have made significant policy commitments to improve their education systems through large, ambitious reforms. RISE will conduct rigorous tests of the reforms to achieve greater understanding as to why changes intended to enhance student achievement work or fail, and how they can inform policy globally. More information...

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RISE in Indonesia

Steve Christiantara

RISE in Indonesia

A RISE Country Research Team will examine how national and district governments in Indonesia support and learn from each other in the implementation of policy towards teachers and national exams in order to improve students’ education levels. The research project will also analyse nationwide reforms that aim to raise teacher quality in hopes of enhancing students’ learning. More information...

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RISE in Pakistan

RISE will conduct a six-year research project in Pakistan to examine how to catalyse improvement in the country’s educational system, and address student learning failures by focusing on different types of system-level frictions – those that affect the private and public sector, household demand, and the interaction between the different actors in the education ecosystem. More information...

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RISE in Tanzania

RISE will examine the effects of sweeping, nationwide reforms that the Government of Tanzania is undertaking in an effort to improve learning for students in its primary and secondary schools. The team will aim to understand what made such far-reaching reforms possible, and how they can be sustained; whether and how the reforms work to improve skills of students in Tanzania; and what insights can emerge to inform effective ways to improve students’ learning elsewhere. More information...

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Tran Thi Hoa/World Bank

RISE in Vietnam

A systematic evaluation of Vietnam’s education system will be carried out by analysing the status and impacts of past, current and upcoming educational reforms. The aim is to understand how Vietnam’s exceptional achievements were possible, and whether new reforms are able to build on its achievements. More information...

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