RISE Fellows

The RISE Fellows are invited, non-resident, academic researchers working on RISE themes, augmenting the RISE work with additional country focus or methods. Each fellow adds a new voice and perspective, bringing their unique expertise to the RISE endeavour through contributing working papers and blogs, participating in RISE meetings, and participating in scholarly exchange.


Felipe Barrera-Osorio seated at his desk

Felipe Barrera-Osorio

RISE Fellow

Felipe Barrera-Osorio is an Associate Professor of Education and Economics at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The…

Santiago Cueto's headshot

Santiago Cueto

RISE Fellow

Santiago Cueto is Executive Director and Senior Researcher at GRADE, where he coordinates the Peru component of the…

Janeli Kotzé's headshot

Janeli Kotzé

RISE Fellow

Janeli Kotzé is in the Research Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate at the Department of Basic Education in…

Renata Lemos standing outside

Renata Lemos

RISE Fellow

Renata Lemos is a Senior Economist at the World Bank Education Global Practice. Her current work focuses on providing research…

Nic Spaull's headshot

Nic Spaull

RISE Fellow

Nic Spaull is a Senior Researcher in the Research on Socioeconomic Policy group (RESEP) at Stellenbosch University in South…