PAL Network Conference 2019 - Lant Pritchett Keynote Address

PAL Network Conference - Ensuring All Children Learn: Lessons on Inclusion and Equity from the South (Lant Pritchett Keynote Address)

RISE Research Director Lant Pritchett gave a keynote address on 5 November at the 2019 PAL Network Conference in Kathmandu, Nepal. The address focused on what Pritchett termed The Great Betrayal: children have been promised a bright future if they attended school, yet in a large number of places the schooling has not provided even the most basic of skillsets needed to succeed in the workplace.

RISE Annual Conference - A Personal Reflection

In 2016, as a graduate student of Public Policy at the University of Oxford, I remember being thrilled to attend the RISE Annual Conference, and on the suggestion of Dr. Clare Leaver (my economics professor at the time), I presented a poster on the Right to Education in India. It was a fantastic experience to hear from the likes of Prof. Lant Prittchet, Prof. Paul Glewwe, Dr. Deon Filmer, etc.