RISE is a collaborative enterprise with a global team of people drawn from many different organisations, sectors, and regions. The detailed research and data collection in the RISE focus countries is undertaken by our Country Research Teams (CRTs) in Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania, and Vietnam. The RISE Intellectual Leadership Team (ILT) provides expertise in various aspects of education systems, development, measurement, and analysis to deliver thought leadership, research advice, and scholarly assessment of RISE research activities and outputs. Augmenting the RISE research are the RISE Fellows, a group of invited, non-resident, academic researchers working on RISE themes with additional country focus or methods. The RISE Directorate, with team members from Oxford Policy Management and the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford, lead, manage, and synthesise the research.


Featured Team Members
Picture of Adedeji Adeniran

Adedeji Adeniran

CSEA Researcher - Nigeria CRT

Adedeji Adeniran is the Director of Education (Governance Research) and Senior Fellow at the Center for the…

Ankit Agarwal in front of city scenery

Ankit Agarwal

Research Associate - India CRT

Ankit Agarwal is a Research Associate at Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Labs (JPAL). He holds a Master's degree in…

Yamini Aiyar

Yamini Aiyar

Researcher - India CRT

Yamini Aiyar is the President and Chief Executive of CPR. Her research interests are in the field of social…

Picture of Ulfah Alifia

Ulfah Alifia

Researcher - Indonesia CRT

Ulfah Alifia holds a master's degree in communication science from the University of Indonesia, and an…

Tahir Andrabi

Tahir Andrabi

Country Research Team Leader - Pakistan CRT

Tahir Andrabi is a professor of economics at Pomona College and a founding board member of the Center for…

picture of Belinda Archibong

Belinda Archibong

Key Researcher - Nigeria CRT


Amare Asgedom

Amare Asgedom

Researcher - Ethiopia CRT

Amare Asgedom is associate professor of curriculum and instruction at the College of Education and Behavioral…

Rukmini Banerji

Rukmini Banerji

ASER, Pratham, India

Rukmini has been the intellectual driving force behind the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER – which also means “action…

Picture of Masooda Bano

Masooda Bano

Political Economy (Implementation) Research Lead

Masooda Bano 

Picture of Arjuni Rahmi Barasa

Arjuni Rahmi Barasa

Junior Researcher - Indonesia CRT

Arjuni Rahmi Barasa holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Universitas Padjadjaran. She is currently…